Bear sighted on Roland Road in Greensboro

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Another bear sighting was reported Sunday morning in Greensboro. (Viewer-submitted photo)

A bear was sighted in Greensboro on Sunday morning crossing Roland Road (Credit: Matt Maynard)

A bear was sighted in Greensboro on Sunday morning crossing Roland Road.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A bear was seen crossing Roland Road in Greensboro on Sunday morning, the latest in a series of recent bear sightings.

Other bear sightings have been reported in Greensboro earlier this month and in May. A bear was spotted Friday morning on Corregidor Street and near I-40 and NC 68 on Monday morning.

On May 29, a bear was spotted in a tree near the N.C. A&T softball field and later left the area.

Greensboro police ask that anyone who sees a bear in the area to call them. Stay away from the animal and do not provoke it or entice it with food. If you are in a vehicle and the bear is on the roadway or attempting to cross the roadway, allow it to do so safely.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and Guilford County Animal Control offer the following information about why they will not trap and relocate bears:

  • Most conflicts do not warrant trapping. For example, a bear simply being in a neighborhood is not threatening for cause for trapping.
  • In most cases, people are the cause of the problem and the best long-term solution involves removal of attractants (bird feeders, unsecured garbage) rather than destruction of the bear.
  • Simply catching every bear that someone sees is not an option; we have no remote places left to relocate bears where they will not come into contact with humans.
  • Relocated bears often return to the place they were originally captured.
  • The process of catching bears is difficult, and can be more dangerous for the bear, the public, and those involved than letting the bear take its natural course.
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