Anatomically-correct gargoyle statue upsets neighborhood

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PAULDEN, Ariz. -- Some neighbors are upset with an Arizona man over a 9’ gargoyle statue he placed in his yard.  Their problem? The male gargoyle is naked and anatomically-correct.

“It kind of symbolizes fire, because I work metal and fire has its own spirit,” said David Smith, an artist who recently moved to the community of Paulden.

The day after Smith put up his prized possession, he says the county ordered him to remove it because of its male parts.

“It wasn't put on there to offend anybody -- that isn't the reason,” Smith said.  “Everything has a sex.”

County officials say the frontal nudity of the statue is offensive and they’re concerned by children who might walk by it.  They initially told Smith to remove the gargoyle from public view or face a $1,000 fine, however they’re reconsidering the ruling since Smith appealed.

The statue will stay in Smith’s yard until at least July when officials will hold a hearing on the matter.

In the video above, Will Pitts reports with more from Smith and the neighborhood’s reaction.