Lemur escapes Duke Lemur Center in Durham

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Credit: Duke Lemur Center Facebook page

DURHAM, N.C. — A red-ruffed lemur named Avion escaped from the Duke Lemur Center in Durham Friday, after taking a five-hour jaunt about town before it was corralled in someone’s garage, according to WRAL.

Avion is among the free-range lemurs at the center and wears a radio collar. But staffers said the signal was intermittent Friday, making it difficult to track him down.

According to WRAL, the search for the lemur, who weighs 10 pounds, was also challenging because lemurs like to travel very high in trees. Crews searched mainly by ground and used binoculars to try to spot the animal. It was unclear how he escaped.

“A member of the community called and said they saw a lemur crossing the road near the Lemur Center,”  the Duke Lemur Center’s operation manager told the station.

But it was another call from a resident that brought Avion’s adventure to an abrupt end. Staffers found the lemur in a homeowner’s garage, about a mile and half from the center.

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