Novant Health testing new app for diabetics

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Novant Health's Forsyth Medical Center is experimenting with a new smartphone application that could revolutionize care for diabetic patients.

The app is called  Novant Health's Director of Corporate Innovation, Matt Gymer called it "Novant's virtual nurse."

It works with your cell phone by using data your cell phone already records, such as texting and calling patterns as well as location and movement information.

According to Gymer, all of that information can be graphed -- and that graph can reveal an individual's typical pattern of behavior.

For example, a typical day may be waking up and not calling or texting anyone during the morning routine.  Going to work would cause a jump in activity from movement, phone calls and text messages.  Coming home and going to sleep would cause that activity to drop off.

"If that daily pattern changes dramatically, that could be an indication that something is wrong," Gymer said.

Participants in this experimental project need to sign up through Forsyth Medical Center's Diabetes Center.  Those who are interested can get more information by clicking here.