Guilford County inmate bitten by K-9 while attacking officers

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Sai Ksor, 43, of Greensboro

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Deputies said a Guilford County Jail inmate who tried to attack officers was bitten by a department K-9 and injured.

Deputies said Sai Ksor, 43, of Greensboro, was being escorted from the courthouse to the jail Monday afternoon when he intentionally dropped to the floor and started kicking at officers.

Guilford County deputies said the inmate kicked one officer in the leg several times and tried kicking another.

Authorities said a K-9 officer was nearby and came to help the two deputies. They said the canine bit the inmate in the shoulder and he immediately stopping trying to assault the officers.

Officials said the inmate was taken to the jail and treated for an injured arm.

Ksor was arrested on May 7 for second-degree trespassing and assault on a government official.

Deputies said he will face additional charges after the incident on Monday.