Stephen Colbert blasts NC barbecue as ‘sauceless, vinegar-based meat product’

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We’ve all heard “Don’t mess with Texas.” However, North Carolina may need to official adopt a new slogan: “Don’t mess with our BBQ.”

Stephen Colbert, bitter after South Carolina voters did not elect his sister to Congress, instead took aim at North Carolina’s barbecue as “sauceless, vinegar-based meat product” during a segment on his Comedy Central show “Colbert Report.”

Colbert was reacting after Elizabeth Colbert-Busch lost to former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford in Tuesday’s congressional special election.

Colbert, who grew up in Charleston, S.C., said he felt “betrayed,” adding he was “going to turn my back on South Carolina.”

Disappointed, Colbert said he will become a North Carolinian and give up his home state’s barbecue tradition. His first act of defiance was to choke down North Carolina barbecue.

“Instead I now officially love North Carolina’s sauceless, vinegar-based meat product that they call barbecue.”

Colbert then acts as if it’s hard for him to swallow a single bite of the BBQ.

Pitmaster Greg Hatem, owner of The Pit in Raleigh, N.C. said for 350 years North Carolina has been perfecting the art of cooking a whole pig.  “If you don’t know how to cook good pork, you cover with sauce,” he said.

Several North Carolina BBQ fans took to Colbert’s Facebook page to defend the state.

At the end of the segment, Colbert revealed he just can’t give up his home state of South Carolina.

Richard Averitte with Smithfield’s Chicken ‘n Bar-B-Q posted an “open letter” to Colbert on its website. He wrote:

“I don’t feel your statement was made out of malice. Frankly, I feel it was out of ignorance. I don’t think you’ve had the RIGHT Eastern NC Bar-B-Q. The Bar-B-Q our restaurants prepare consists of pork cooked overnight, red pepper, salt and vinegar. That’s all.  You are correct in that it is “sauceless”, because it does not need sauce. Our Bar-B-Q is flavorful enough and compliments our cole slaw quite well.”

What’s your reaction? Did you laugh at the joke? Or did you scream “Don’t mess with my BBQ!”

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