Divorce documents show Nascar Chairman’s wealth

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. —Sifting through almost 1,500 pages of documents, it becomes clear the former first couple of NASCAR–Brain and Megan France–have been going through a bitter divorce for years and arguing over everything from child care to millions of dollars in divorce payments.

According to WSOC, the divorce documents include the prenuptial agreement between the couple showing Brian France was worth $554 million when he married for the second time in 2005.

In case of a divorce, Brian France agreed to pay Megan France millions depending on how long they were married.

When the Frances divorced two and a half years later, Brian France agreed to pay his ex-wife $9 million in three $3 million payments and $32,500 a month in alimony through 2017, according to the report.

Megan France also got their $3.2 million home in Myers Park, while Brian France got to keep another home in Charlotte, a $10 million condo in New York, three condos in southern California and three more in Daytona.

He also got to keep three corporate jets.

However, the divorce agreement didn’t end the feud. The couple was back in court many times over the next three years, battling over millions of dollars in payments, broken promises and even allegations of harassment.

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