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4-year-old violinist from Winston-Salem in need of transplant

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Caesar Sant, 4, plays Vivaldi at his home in Winston-Salem. (Photo credit: Bruce Chapman/Winston-Salem Journal)

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A 4-year-old violinist from Winston-Salem born with sickle cell anemia is in need of a transplant and his family is trying to raise money.

The Winston-Salem Journal reported that Caesar Sant suffered a stroke two weeks ago, his second in six months.

Caesar’s parents are both natives of Brazil. His father is a neuroscientist at Wake Forest School of Medicine, and his mother is a stay-at-home mom who was a lawyer in Brazil.

They are trying to raise money for a stem cell transplant in hopes of curing his sickle cell anemia.

The cost of the procedure could run as high as $500,000 and has to be performed at a center that specializes in stem cell transplants. It likely would not be covered by the family’s insurance.

Caesar began playing violin at 2 and has been described by his father as a “perfectionist.”

The boy’s father, Lucas Santos, said when Caesar was hospitalized after his most recent stroke, doctors said that only 20 percent of his blood cells were healthy.

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