Thomasville Rescue K-9 needs your help for surgery

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UPDATE: Thanks to those of you who decided to help Foxi, her surgery is more than half paid for. She is currently getting prepped for surgery in Raleigh.

Jay Whiteheart says yesterday at 3 pm they had $160 donated. Now there's more than $2200.

RALEIGH, NC -- A search and rescue K-9 with the Thomasville Rescue Squad needs surgery to repair an injured knee.

Foxi is a two and a half year old Belgian Malanois trained to track lost people. She tore a ligament in her knee while training three weeks ago, and the surgery will cost anywhere from $3,400-$3,800.

The surgery is scheduled for Friday.

Thomasville Rescue Squad is a volunteer, nonprofit outfit, so paying for the surgery is up to Foxi's handler Jay Whiteheart.

"We can put together 20/30/40 people to search as a big group and do grid type searches, but a dog can train and find one specific scent out of 1000 people and follow it," Whiteheart said.

Whiteheart said Foxi was successful in tracking and finding a young child who was lost in the Piedmont recently. Foxi was also brought to the scene where four children in Randolph County were lost in the woods, but volunteers found the children before Foxi could get on the ground.

According to Dr. Denis Marcellin-Little at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine, there's a 90 percent chance surgery will result in Foxi getting back to being happy, healthy and normal.

"Dogs that are treated without surgery don't have a very good chance to do well in the long term," Dr. Marcellin-Little said.

To help donate to this cause, visit or contact the Thomasville Rescue Squad. According to Chief Scott McCaskill, the department is a registered 501 (c)(3) organization, so any donations made on Foxi's behalf are tax-deductible.