Two hit while walking home in Davie County

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MOCKSVILLE, N.C.--The six mile trip home for 22-year-old Chelsea Luzum didn't quite go as expected on Sunday morning.

For the past two months Chelsea, her boyfriend Scott Norris and his brother Michael Norris have walked to and from their jobs at the McDonald's on Highway 601 in Mocksville.

The group was about a mile and a half away from McDonald's on Sunday around 1 a.m., when Highway Patrol says a Silver Honda Odyssey hit them and kept driving.

Scott, who was walking ahead of the group, escaped without a scratch. Michael was pushed off the road, and Chelsea was thrown into a ditch.

"My arm is broken and I have a broken rib," Luzum said.

On Monday, Highway Patrol sent out a notice to every dealership and repair shop in the area, informing them of the suspected late-model minivan that has front end damage.

No further details were immediately available.