Spring gardening and lawn tips

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Though it may not feel like spring, it is that time of year for lawn maintenance.

"Right now is the best time to do it," said Andreas Dambakakis with "Yards by Us" who recommends putting fertilizer and pre-emergent on lawns now.

"It's going to basically prevent crabgrass and weeds from germinating in your lawn and also green up the grass."

Dambakakis says those key ingredients in early spring help prevent crab grass from suffocating your lawn and help build a strong root system for those hot summer days.

Homeowners biggest mistake is mixing up seasons. Fall is the best time for aerating and over seeding your lawn.

"A lot of people will try and do spring seeding and pre-emergent at the same time. Obviously you can't mix the two as it's not going to let your seed germinate."

Experts also suggest waiting until your lawn is fully green before making your first cut. Cutting the lawn too early could kill new shoots before they have a chance to mature.


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