High Point family disputes exorbitant water bill

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HIGH POINT, NC -- A High Point family owes the city more than $250, and they believe it's the city's faulty equipment is to blame.

Devane and Terrah Burnette's normal monthly water bill is between $60 and $80. The bill for this month was $257.44, for using 33 units of water, which is nearly 25,000 gallons.

"We definitely didn't use that much water, and if there was a leak, you'd see the water somewhere.

Bob Martin, with the City of High Point's Customer Service Department, could not comment about the Burnette's bill specifically. He said whenever usage spikes, they send an investigator. If the equipment is working properly, the bill stands.

Martin said he's had an abnormally high water bill before, and it was due to a leaky toilet.

"A bill like that is a surprise. It just doesn't seem right in your mind that that much water can run through a leaky toilet," Martin said.

Terrah Burnette doesn't believe a leaky toilet is the issue.

"I'm a stay at home mom," Burnette said. "I'm the only one using the toilet here during the day. If there was a problem, I'd know it. If the toilet was leaking, I'd hear it."

The Burnettes plan to hire a plumber to check for leaks.

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