NC man buys billboard in Charlotte looking for love

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CORNELIUS, N.C. – A North Carolina businessman has bought billboards on Interstates 77 and 85 in Charlotte to try to find love.

WCNC reported that Gordon Engle decided to put up the billboards after the “40-something” divorcee said he was tired of online dating sites.

“Married women write you. You find out she has a husband and three kids, then you kind of just say, ‘Well, let’s just put up a billboard!'” Engle said.

The billboard is simply a photo of Engle playing the guitar with the words “…I’m Gordy. Let’s have dinner.” A web site is listed below it.

Engle said he ran the idea by his friends before paying $5,000 on the billboards.

“From the beginning I thought it was a great idea. It’s a ‘Gordon idea’ and I want to do everything I can to help him,” said friend Jeff Charles, according to WCNC. “I’m really amazed he doesn’t have someone already.”

The web site includes photos, a biogrophy and a questionnaire for interested women.

Engle said he spent far too much time in his early years working. He said he used to be a workaholic, but is not one anyone.

Engle still runs businesses on three continents and also has a home in Sweden and lives there part time. He said he is confident the billboard approach will work for him.

“What a great story to tell my grandkids, right?” Engle said.

Source: WCNC.

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