How to protect yourself from a cruise ship nightmare

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GREENSBORO, N.C.--While many can't wait to go on vacation, most never plan for the unexpected, but after several incidents involving cruise ships lately, you may want to consider it.

Amanda Notarfonzo, an AAA Carolinas representative, says passengers who find themselves in dire situations on cruise ships may not be able to count on traveler's insurance to cover everything.

"There's not much that they can do, other than just stay calm," Notarfonzo said.

People traveling on cruises for the first-time have some concerns, since two recent incidents on Carnival Cruise Ships have left passengers stranded.

"We are getting more questions of the what if," Notarfonzo said.

She believes traveler need to do some research before picking a cruise. Once you've picked one, be prepared. Notarfonzo says bring extra items like medication and non-perishable food. She also suggests saving all your receipts.

"I highly recommend receipts to be kept and claims to be processed through the insurance.," Notarfonzo said.

Travel medical insurance can be purchased as well.

However, plans that include Medicaid are not accepted on trips outside of the United States.

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