Wrong woman buried at Calif. mortuary

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A mortuary in California has admitted it buried the wrong woman.

CBS LA is reporting 73-year-old Evans Davidson had complained to staff the woman in the casket at her viewing wasn’t his wife. But morticians at Simpson’s Mortuary believed it was Davidson’s wife of 51 years, Darlene.

Davidson told CBS LA a few days after the funeral, a mortuary employee told him another family was claiming a body switch and his wife’s body was still at the mortuary.

“I was already torn apart and then…this. It’s unbelievable,” Davidson’s son, Eric Haynes, told CBS LA.

A spokesman for Simpson’s Mortuary confirmed they buried the wrong woman in Darlene Davidson’s grave.

The mortuary has since offered to exhume the body and pay all expenses for both families to have proper funeral services.

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