House Call: Pediatric Care in the Community

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When it comes to providing your children with proper healthcare, the first step involves finding and establishing a pediatrician and/or primary care physician who can learn and become familiar with your family and child’s health history.

A child’s pediatrician is a key resource for monitoring their growth and development through regular well-visits, treating them when they are sick, consulting with parents on questions regarding their child’s health during normal and after-hours and referring families to proper specialists, if needed.

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Regularly scheduled ‘well visits’ play an integral role in ensuring the proper health, growth and development of your child.  Well visits serve as an opportunity for pediatricians and families to develop a relationship and understanding of health history, as well as monitor the child’s development, counsel them on proper nutrition and perform any routine blood work or immunizations.

Pediatricians and/or primary care doctors also prefer to be contacted and involved with any patient health concerns or emergencies.  By contacting your child’s pediatrician first with health concerns, they can often provide advice on how to treat minor issues at home, whether or not the child needs to been seen in the office or if they need to seek emergency or specialty services.  If emergency or specialty services are needed, the child’s pediatrician or primary care physician can direct them to the proper healthcare providers and/or facilities, as well as consult with the specialists on the child’s health history.

Our area is fortunate, as Cone Health delivers a comprehensive range of Children’s Services through an exceptional network of pediatricians, primary care physicians and related healthcare providers, all conveniently located to provide quality care close to home.

Spokesperson Background:

Dr. Ronald Pudlo is the chief of Cone Health Department of Pediatrics and a pediatrician at Greensboro Pediatricians.  Dr. Pudlo is a 1982 graduate of Northwestern University School of Medicine.  He completed his residency in pediatrics at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

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