UNCG, NC A&T reduce crime

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GREENSBORO, N.C. --According to recent crime statistics, both UNCG and North Carolina A&T University have seen a drop in campus crime in the last year.

NC A&T campus police have increased their hours of patrol in residence halls and around the grounds to show a larger presence, to deter crime. NC A&T has about 80 men and women as part of their campus security team; 32 of them sworn officers.

The number of non-reportable offenses, such as larceny, for 2012 were 403 compared to 542 for 2011. Reportable offenses such as assaults, robberies and narcotics totaled 103 in 2012 compared to 110 in 2011.

Chief Glenn Newell says he hopes to see a decrease in the crime rate for this year by continuing the increased patrols.

"We have increased patrols in an around the residence halls as an example. We have more hours of coverage in the residence halls than we've had in the past, we have a K9 unit that patrols the residence halls at various areas of campus," Newell said.

"There's never an off day, so if we continue to do this everyday be diligent in our efforts we hope that we will always have success."

Major Paul Lester of UNCG Police said while a large police presence is important, officers have been working on several crime prevention tactics and working with staff in what to do if a shooter were on campus.

"We're always proactive in trying to address crime on campus, but I think the campus is a reflection of the city and if crime goes down in the city, it's going to go down on campus," Lester said. "We encourage three things: Get out, hide out and take out. And you really have to be sort of the person to take that action to stand up and not just get frozen in fear and sit there."

Major Lester said the full report for UNCG's crime has not been released yet, but there is a reduction in all categories from assaults to narcotics.