11-year-old student brings gun to school in Johnston County

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CLAYTON, N.C. – An 11-year-old at in Johnston County has been charged with bringing .22 caliber pistol and bullets to school.

Johnston county deputies arrested the student and his mother after the incident was reported Friday at Clayton Middle School.

WTVD reported that the child’s mother faces charges for not properly storing the gun.

The station reported that some parents more upset about how the school alerted them to the potential danger.

Parents were told by phone and letter that something inappropriate was brought to school but not that it was a gun, or a weapon.

“Parents have a right to know,” said father Tony Williams, according to WTVD. “I pay for people to go in there. I deserve the right to know what goes on.”

The point of the letter was to reassure parents that administration was aware and acted promptly and students were safe,” said Tracey Peedin-Jones, with Johnston County Schools.

Investigators are not releasing the student’s name because of his age.

Source: WTVD.