Northeast storm affecting some local flights and truck routes

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A potentially historic storm headed for the Northeast is impacting flights at Piedmont Triad International Airport, as well as many local trucking companies.

At least eight flights to New York and New Jersey were cancelled Friday because of the blizzard.

Afternoon and evening flights to Chicago were delayed and cancelled to Philadelphia.

The hazardous conditions have also caused many local trucking companies to re-route their drivers.

Shelba Johnson Trucking of Thomasville re-routed 12 of their drivers back to North Carolina and postponed the furniture deliveries to next week.

Representative Brin Perryman said many of their Northeast customers have closed their stores for the weekend due to the blizzard.

"This is probably the largest blizzard we've seen in a long time usually we're able to make our deliveries and they're usually pretty good about keeping the roads clean up there for us," Perryman said.

Shelba Johnson hopes to have all their truck drivers back on the roads Monday

"So for something of this magnitude happening up there to bring this many drivers back, it's certainly something we're trying to deal with."