Random Acts of Art in the Piedmont

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PIEDMONT, N.C. --- Piedmont Artist United are using free art to showcase their talents and help spruce up the area.

In a project they call "Random Acts of Art", more than twenty artists left glass work and paints in parks and neighborhoods throughout the Piedmont.

The best part? If you found a piece of art, then it was yours to take home.

Russell Golden, a Greensboro artist, says free art is an easy way to bring art to the masses.

"I don't like going to art galleries. This is more public, more grassroots, more of a local feel to it...something for everybody," he says.

Piedmont Artist United will also use the "Random Acts of Art" project to push each other to become more creative. 

So, when the next project comes along, you might be really impressed with what you see.