NC bouncer on life support following bar fight

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SMITHFIELD, N.C. — A bouncer is on life support after trying to break up a bar room brawl in Smithfield on Saturday.

WTVD reported that the fight broke out at the Hookah House around 2 a.m.

An eyewitness said an off-duty bouncer who worked at the bar tried to break up the fight that escalated from two to at least 60 people.

“One person got hit and it was a domino effect. When we went outside it was mayhem, people getting tasered,” eyewitness Kyle Whiteside said, according to WTVD. “Everybody was fighting, people getting hit by cars; it was chaotic. Next thing I know I just see Luther fall and hit the ground.”

Police said they found Luther “Jerry” Burton Jr., 38, laying in the parking lot when the crowd cleared.

Family members told ABC11 Burton suffered a major blow to the head when he hit the cement. They said his tongue went into the back of his throat and cut off oxygen, leading to brain damage.

“I kept on looking down at the ground at Luther, and I saw he wasn’t moving, I’m thinking is he dead?” Whiteside said.

Burton is currently listed in critical condition and on life support at WakeMed.

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