Could all North Carolina community colleges become smoke free?

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Graham, N.C.--Several North Carolina Lawmakers introduced a bill in January that would ban smoking on all community college campuses.

The bill would even apply to schools that have designated smoking areas.

Senator Stan Bingham, a Republican who represents Montgomery and Davidson Counties, is the driving force behind the bill.

Bingham says he doesn't want anyone to endure the effects of second-hand smoke any longer than they have to.

"I have several groups backing me up on this. We've got to change the way we think about smoking in our state," Bingham said.

Alamance Community College in Graham is among a few schools that have designated smoking areas.

ACC student Johnathan Campbell says the bill would violate his rights.

"People are just going to find somewhere else to go smoke. I think that's not fair," Campbell said.

According to the North Carolina Community Colleges System, there are 33 community colleges in North Carolina that are already smoke free.

The group says if the North Carolina General Assembly passes the legislation, it will follow the requirement.

Bingham says the bill will be presented to the Agricultural Committee in a few weeks before any decision is made.