Avoid the App Trap

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Many parents use smartphones or tablets to entertain their kids.  But the supposedly "free" downloaded games children play could eventually lead to huge bills for mom and dad.  It's something called the "App Trap" and here's how to prevent it from happening to you!

On Apple devices:

  •    Touch your 'Settings' icon
  •    Tap 'General,' then 'Restrictions,' then 'Enable Restrictions' 
  •    Enter a PIN number
  •    Scroll down and turn off in-app purchases using the toggle

On Android devices:

  •    Open the Google Play Store
  •    Press 'Menu,' then select 'Settings'
  •    Scroll down and under 'User Controls' select 'Change PIN'
  •    Enter a PIN number and check the box that says 'Use PIN for purchases'