Rescue dog to star in Super Bowl commercial

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Starring in a Super Bowl commercial can mean big exposure for an actor. But even animals can get excited about their debut during the big game – and that includes Yoda the Chihuahua.

The Chihuahua mix is the leading lady in an amateur TV ad for Doritos. The commercial is now one of five finalists in a nationwide Doritos competition.

Online voters will choose one winner, Doritos the other, and both will be shown on Super Bowl Sunday.

Alyssa Gonzales says she cannot believe her rescue dog got the part. As an aspiring actress herself, she says she is a little jealous.

"I was like my dog is in a commercial instead of me, my dog is more famous than I am,” she said.

Tyler Dixon and Heather Kasprzak wrote and shot the commercial. They said they found Yoda after posting an ad online for an “unconventional” dog.

"She was just so funky and full of sass, we instantly knew she was our dog,” Dixon said. “Heather describes her as a burrito, I would describe Yoda as kind of a hot pocket, with legs. Definitely delicious looking.”

Yoda is now front-page news in her hometown of Burbank. The dog’s owners say she is ready for her next big role.

Click here to watch's Yoda's full commercial.