Miss Charlotte predicts an early spring in Lexington

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Lexington Mayor Pro Tem Wayne Alley, decked out in formal wear and a top hat, proclaimed that Miss Charlotte, Lexington's official weather prognosticator, did not see her shadow Thursday morning and therefore predicted an early end to winter. David Rolfe/Winston-Salem Journal)

LEXINGTON, N.C. — An early spring was predicted in Lexington Saturday morning by a hog of a different sort.

The Winston-Salem Journal reported that Miss Charlotte, a 3-year-old pot bellied pig did not see her shadow at the city’s annual GroundHawg’s Day event.

JoEllen Edwards, the executive director of Uptown Lexington Inc., said Miss Charlotte was brought out early Saturday morning and predicted an early spring.

Edwards said the hog has been right the past few years, and hopes the 80-pound pig will be again this year.

“Hopefully by March 21 it will be spring to stay,” Edwards said, according to The Journal.

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