Chris Kyle shot: Ex-Navy SEAL sniper shot at gun range

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(CNN) — A former Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle, was shot at a gun range on Saturday.

Chris Kyle, who said his 150-plus sniper kills prompted Iraqi insurgents to place a bounty on his head was fatally shot at a Texas gun range, authorities said.

Chris Kyle, 38, was one of two men killed Saturday afternoon in Glen Rose, southwest of Fort Worth, the Texas Department of Public Safety said. Chad Littlefield, 35, was also shot to death.

Police arrested suspect Eddie Ray Routh, 25, after a brief pursuit and arraigned him on two counts of capital murder, according to the safety agency.

Kyle was a major advocate for war veterans and worked to ensure their needs were met.

“He was a man of incredible character, he led by example,” said Jason Kos, Kyle’s friend told CNN. “He always stopped to take time to talk to whoever was around him. Just incredibly humble, very funny as well.”

He helped establish nonprofit Fitco Cares Foundation to enable veterans battling post-traumatic stress syndrome get access to exercise equipment.

In a statement, the foundation described Kyle as an “American hero,” and pledged to carry on his mission.

Kyle served in four combat tours in Iraq, and received two Silver Stars, among other commendations.

He left the Navy in 2009, and later recounted his days as a sniper in “American Sniper,” a New York Times best seller.

In the book, Kyle describes how Iraqi insurgents nicknamed him “the devil” and placed a bounty on his head.

He purports to have more than 150 sniper kills. According to the book, the Pentagon confirmed those kills, which Kyle described as a record number for any American.

During an interview with Time magazine last year, Kyle defended his decision to write the book despite the secretive nature of the SEAL world.

“It’s kind of frowned on,” he told the magazine. “But I’m not trying to glorify myself. I didn’t want to put the number of kills I had in there. I wanted to get it out about the sacrifices military families have to make.”

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