Burlington to discuss possible smoking ban in city parks

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BURLINGTON, N.C. -- Burlington's Recreation and Park Commission is recommending that the city considers a smoking ban in parks where children are present.

The potential ban would include playgrounds, youth athletic facilities, amusement parks, pools, BMX tracks, tennis courts and walking tracks.

Supporters of the ban said the recommendation is an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce the risks of second hand smoke.

Former smoker Tammie Levron said she agrees that areas with children should be tobacco-free but there should be designated smoking areas for adults.

“I think the kids are the most important part of this, as far as they're young and they're healthy and they need to be able to go to areas that do not allow smoking around them," Levron said.

If the recommendation passes, the Parks and Recreation staff would monitor and enforce the ban instead of police. Each area would display signs reminding park attendees of the restriction.

The Burlington city council will discuss the tobacco ban during the work session Monday at 7 p.m.