Storm cleanup in Guilford County

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GREENSBORO, N.C. --- The Department of Transportation reported 27 trees were knocked down in Guilford County from Wednesday night's storm. The high winds also led to some property damage in Greensboro.

The cleanup continued Thursday.

"It was scary, it was dark! It looked liked something out of a scary movie," Shenandoah Butler said of the storm.

A tree in Butler's neighbor's yard fell, smashing part of a fence and crushing the roof of her backyard storage shed.

On Thursday, her yard, garage and shed were covered with limbs and branches.

"I've never had anything like this," Butler added. "We've had some trees fall in the road, but never on part of the house."

Fortunately, the tree missed the back of her home where her son's bedroom is.

"He could have been crushed. I'm lucky, I'm glad, I'm blessed," she said.

The Department of Transportation crews are responsible for clearing any trees or debris that fall within 30 feet of the center of a state road or highway, according to Transportation Supervisor Mark Moore.

"Most of the trees we've seen coming down are dead trees, dead poplars," described Moore.

He and his crew cover the Southeast part of Guilford County for cleanup.

On Thursday, Moore's team tackled more than a dozen trees in or dangerously close to roadways in their territory.

One large tree fell across Smithwood Road at Bowman Dairy Road in Liberty.

The D.O.T. crew also responded to a tree down off Highway 421 South, which had to be chopped up and hauled off.

"We're still cleaning up some trees from   The snow storm, also, the ice storm. So this storm just adds to it. We're just going around getting all we can find," Moore explained to FOX8.

In addition to the 27 trees down in Guilford County, there were 13 trees to clean up in Rockingham County and 16 in Caswell County overnight.