New U.S. 52 south entrance ramp to open on Friday

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RALEIGH – Starting tomorrow, motorists will have a safer, more efficient way to access U.S. 52 South in downtown Winston-Salem.

The N.C. Department of Transportation will open a new entrance ramp to the highway from Martin Luther King Jr. Drive at 5 a.m.

Currently, drivers traveling east on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive have to turn left across two lanes of oncoming traffic to access a loop, which takes them to U.S. 52 South. With the new ramp, motorists will make a simple right turn directly onto the entrance ramp to the highway.

According to the DOT, in the existing pattern, traffic, especially during rush hour, often backs up behind motorists waiting to turn left to access U.S. 52 South. With one lane acting as a turn lane, only one lane remains for traffic traveling down Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

The new ramp will eliminate that bottleneck and help traffic flow more easily and efficiently through the area.