Crews continue to search Jamestown lake for missing 18-year-old

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JAMESTOWN, N.C. --- Crews continue to search City Lake Park for 18-year-old Dorien Jackson, who has been missing since January 10.

Guilford County investigators say Jackson was last seen leaving a friend's house in High Point.

"I started getting worried and I kept looking out the window hoping he was coming back down the driveway and never showed up," explains Betty Jackson, Dorien's mother. 

Over the weekend, a family member found Jackson's bike at the entrance of City Lake Park in Jamestown. 

Since Tuesday air crews, ground crews, and divers have been searching the park but have found nothing.

"It's very frustrating, of course. I guess the bad part is if you did find something out here it would be the end of it. If he is found somewhere out there or at a buddy's house that's a much better ending," explains Sgt. George Moore, with Guilford Country Major Crimes Unit.

Jackson left his cell phone and ID at home. 

Mrs. Jackson says her son has left home for a day or two every now and then to go to friends' houses, but going this long without communication with family and on Facebook is unusual. 

"We are really getting worried at this time and we really need to hear from him," says Betty Jackson.

Anyone who knows about Dorien's whereabouts is asked to call (336) 641-5968.