10 car features you can’t live without

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Vehicles are becoming safer and more comfortable, but all the features offered are not necessary. 

This morning, Consumer Reports talked to FOX8 and listed the top features we should see in every car!

  1. Bluetooth. While we have concerns for potential behind-the-wheel distractions, Bluetooth connectivity is useful to have to take a quick call easily or integrate other phone features into the car, such as Internet radio or navigation.
  2. Blind-spot monitor. Those small little lights in the side-view mirror act like an extra pair of eyes to warn the driver that there is a car in a blind spot. While not a substitute for you properly using your mirrors and looking through the windows, these electronic monitors can be a welcomed safety aid.
  3. Backup camera. Fortunately, backup cameras are increasingly becoming standard equipment, even though a government mandate has been stalled. These cameras are especially helpful if you drive a larger car like an SUV or models with swoopy styling, such as those with a lower roofline and small rear windows where visibility is greatly reduced. They can aid in backing out of or into a driveway or parking space, and the view can be especially handy for mounting a trailer. Plus, they can be a true lifesaver by reducing back-over accidents, which kill about 50 children each year.
  4. Automatic headlights. Have you ever forgot to shut your car lights off and came back to a dead battery? With automatic headlights, you never need to even think about that again. Once you set the light switch, they switch on and off automatically when needed based on light conditions. It may seem like a minor feature, but this is handy when traveling through tunnels, shaded roads, driving at dusk, and ensuring that daytime running lights aren’t mistakenly used in place of headlights (and all the related lights that they trigger).
  5. Adjustable front seats/lumbar support (memory seats). With longer commutes and more time spent in vehicles, adjustable driver and passenger seats help you to stay comfortable behind the wheel. Even better are memory seats that save your preferences, making it more convenient when sharing a vehicle or trading off driving duties.

For the rest of the list, visit  consumerreports.org.