Doctor killed in office, shot multiple times

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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – A doctor was shot killed in a doctor’s office in Southern California.

The doctor was killed inside an office near Newport Beach, Calif. on Monday, police told the Los Angeles Times.

Newport Beach police spokeswoman Kathy Lowe said police received a report around 2:45 p.m. Monday that six or seven shots were fired inside a medical office near Hoag Hospital.

Officers responded and found the doctor, 52-year-old Ronald Franklin Gilbert, dead from multiple gunshot wounds to the upper torso in a patient examination room.

According to the report, officers found the suspect in the same room and took him into custody.

Gilbert was a physician with Orange Coast Urology in Newport Beach. He was a professor of urology at UCI Medical School and had been chief of the Hoag Hospital urology department.

No other injuries were reported.

Source:  Los Angeles Times


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