Cold weather energy-saving tips

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GREENSBORO, N.C. --- Winter's chill is settling in across the Piedmont. 

Customers like Kenny Fesperman are going to their local hardware stores to buy items they can use to keep the cold out like, weather stripping and pipe insulation.

"It's worth it. You don't want your pipes to freeze up, trying to say warm.
It's going to be a cold winter."

Items like faucet covers and window shrink-wrap are relatively inexpensive and can help reduce your power bill. If you want a complete energy audit, you can hire someone like Craig Whittaker, a certified building analyst. He uses high-tech equipment like thermo imagining cameras to show homeowners where there are gaps in the home's insulation.

"Without getting into the wall or climbing into the attic, a homeowner can't tell where they are missing insulation.  But we can find it quickly with a thermo imaging camera".

The Department of Energy says simple fixes can cut 15 to 30 percent off of your power bill.


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