Woman charged extra fee at nail salon for being in wheelchair: report

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WILMINGTON, N.C. — The family of a Wilmington woman claims she was asked to pay an extra fee at a nail salon because she is in a wheelchair.

According to WECT, Ilse Rosenberg’s caregiver, Melissa Padgett, took the 86-year-old to Lee Nails at Independence Mall earlier this week for a manicure and pedicure.

“After she gets her feet in the chair and she’s comfortable and her feet are in the water, he [an employee at the salon] said because she is in a wheelchair and it’s an inconvenience of her being transferred in the chair, it is a $30 dollar up charge,” Padgett said, according to WECT.

Padgett tells WECT that she had already moved Rosenberg into the salon chair.  However, she said the manager asked them to leave if they didn’t pay the extra fee.

“I went back to Ilse, and at this point, I’m crying because I’m humiliated,” Padgett told the station.

Padgett told WECT it “broke (her) heart” when she told Rosenberg that they’d have to leave or pay an up charge.

Salon employees told WECT they charge the extra $30 for customers in wheelchairs because their manicures and pedicures “take more time,” the station reports.

Rosenberg’s family is upset by what happened, calling the act discrimination and saying Rosenberg was humiliated, WECT reports.  They have filed a complaint with the BBB.

BBB officials tell the station the business is violating the Americans with Disabilities Act if the alleged up charging is true.

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