Greensboro snow prep

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GREENSBORO, N.C. --- Greensboro City Streets Division Manager Mike Mabe says it's the first time this year they've had to roll out trucks and start shoveling salt for possible snow and ice on the roads.

"We focus on salting what we call our priority one and priority two routes. That covers about 600 of the 1,200 miles of city streets."

There are 40 trucks ready to go. 100 city employees work around-the-clock in two shifts to make sure the streets are safe.

Local school systems also have to be ready for winter weather.

Curtis Stacey explained, "We always err on the side of safety!"

Guilford County School leaders have a plan in place to evaluate roads starting at 3:00 am to decide whether to have school Friday.

"We look at road temperatures, we look at trouble spots that we might have in the county. We take assessments of roads and bridges and overpasses."

Stacey said they will announce by 5:00 am Friday if school is canceled. The first bus drivers pull out at 5:30 on a normal day.

They may cancel school earlier if conditions continue to worsen Thursday night.

Greensboro Transit Authority's 98 buses will keep running normally as long as possible.

GTA Communications Specialist Kevin Elwood pointed out, "The public transit becomes even more important during times of inclement weather because schools and day cares may close, but workplaces typically will not."

Elwood said they will inform Fox8 and announce any changes or cancellations to routes on their website and twitter @GTAHeat.

And while students might be home wishing for a winter wonderland, "If we don't go tomorrow, we will be making it up some time along the way. So either way- you're gonna get your day in school!" said Stacey.

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