Woman loses 222 pounds to become triathlete

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Aimee Smith, a woman from of Janesville, Wis., lost 222 pounds in her quest to become a triathlete.

According to WKOW, Smith always knew she was big, but because her scale only went to 300 pounds, she had no idea how big.

When Smith finally weighed herself on another scale, she was shocked when it said 427 pounds.

“My knees hurt, my back hurt. I had high blood pressure. I was pre-diabetic. I was going down a bad path,” she told WKOW. “I’m sure carrying around 400 pounds wasn’t doing my health any favors.”

That was over two years ago.

Since then, she underwent gastric bypass surgery and changed her lifestyle. She has lost half her body weight and now competes in triathlons and 10ks.

When she had her second daughter, the c-section went terribly wrong because of her weight.

“Everything hinged on my weight. Depression, my knees, I couldn’t move and I figured I would be the 600 pound bedridden mom,” she said.

It was then Smith decided to save herself. She had gastric bypass surgery and enrolled at the local YMCA.

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