CNET reporter quits over CES controversy

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A CNET reporter has quit following a controversial decision regarding the coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show.

According to the Associated Press, CNET voted Dish Network Corp.’s “Hopper with Sling” the best home theater and audio product at the show.

However, because CBS is in a legal fight with Dish over the device, CBS vetoed the selection. Instead, CNET’s official selection was a sound bar from TV maker Vizio.

CBS owns CNET.

Reporter Greg Sandoval tweeted on Monday:

“Hello all. Sad to report that I’ve resigned from CNET. I no longer have confidence that CBS is committed to editorial independence. CNET wasn’t honest about what occurred regarding Dish is unacceptable to me. We are supposed to be truth tellers. Please know no one in News or Reviews editorial did anything wrong. I believe CNET’s leaders are also honest but used poor judgement. I am not disgruntled. CBS and CNET were great to me. I just want to be known as an honest reporter.”

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