Charlie Sheen to be a grandfather

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Charlie Sheen told David Letterman on Monday night he will soon be a grandfather.

Sheen revealed his 28-year-old daughter, Cassandra Estevez, is pregnant.

The Anger Management star confessed to the news after Letterman prodded him about “fessing up” to a big development in his life.

“You are going to be, in the next several months…fill in the blanks,” Letterman teased. “You are going to be a…”

“Grandfather,” replied Sheen, “It’s fabulous,” but Sheen added “grandpa not a title I’m ready to adopt.”

During his visit, he also talked about the infamous Two and a Half Men split.

“It’s nice to be back in the CBS family, even as a foster child,” Sheen said. “They’re nice until they fire you.”


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