Greensboro submits bid to host 2016 Olympic Swimming Trials

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GREENSBORO, N.C. --- Greensboro is one of six cities in the country fighting to get the 2016 Olympic Swimming Trials. 

"This is a big deal. We're just excited to see that we are on the list and we are contenders for it," explains Susan Braman, manager of the Greensboro Aquatic Center.

City organizers have been working for months to get Greensboro's swimming resume together.  The Olympic committee looks at a number of factors including hotels, budget, and pool space. 

If Greensboro is chosen the pool in the Aquatic Center will be the practice pool and two new temporary pools will be built in the Coliseum.  A team from the USA Swimming Olympics will come to Greensboro and have those pools up and running in two days.

Last year's trials were in Omaha and about 160,000 people showed up.  The USA Swimming Association projects the event will bring about a $30 million dollar impact to the host city.  "It's a huge economic impact, the room nights, the dining, everything associated with a group that big, 160,000 people coming to our area for seven to ten days," explains Braman. 

Swim parents like Bethanne Klauck feel the event would mean a lot to the kids involved in the sport.  "I think it brings a lot to the city and a lot to the kids, the excitement and gives them some motivation," explains Bethanne Klauck, who has two kids in swimming.

Mayor Robbie Perkins is pleased Greensboro is being considered but he wants to come out on top.  "For us to be on the short list is certainly an accomplishment but we aren't finished yet," says Greensboro Mayor Robbie Perkins.

Greensboro is competing with San Antonio, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, St. Louis, and Omaha. 

The Olympic Swimming Committee should name the winning city by the end of April.