Some sweepstakes cafes opening back up despite state ban

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LEXINGTON, N.C. -- Some sweepstakes halls are back open, after the state attorney general told law enforcement to start enforcing a state ban on Friday.

"It's just a grey area," said Double Play owner Phil Giurintano. 

Giurintano reopened his sweepstakes business in Lexington on Sunday, saying the "pre-reveal" software on his computers bring him in compliance of the law.

"The prereveal tells you in the beginning what you are going to get," Giurintano said. 

Many other sweepstakes across the state have reopened in recent days as law enforcement and state officials try to determine if the legality of the "reveal" software.

"Our attorneys feel that we are in compliance," Giurintano said.

Officials with the Attorney General's office say they are getting a lot of calls from district attorneys and law enforcement. The Attorney General is recommending that law enforcement investigate cafes to determine which games are legal.

"If it doesn't work its a free country... I could turn this into a bagel store," Giurintano said.

Research conducted by a professor at N.C. State University suggests if sweepstakes close for good -- thousands of people will be out of a job. The research shows the sweepstakes industry employees between 4,800 and 6,000 people statewide.

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