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Ring finder sues owner over $3,000 reward

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A Missouri woman who is accused of finding a $20,000 diamond ring in a tanning salon and keeping it for nearly a month has now filed a lawsuit against the owner of the ring, claiming she was cheated out of the $3,000 reward.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports Bonnie Land, the ring’s finder, has now sued Melisa Boucek, the ring’s owner saying she is owed the reward offered for the ring’s return.

Land insists she was always going to return the ring and she’s claiming breach of contract and wants $66,500 in damages.

Land found the two-carat yellow diamond ring on May 9. at a tanning salon. The “finder” and the “owner” had used the same spray-on tan room.

Land found the ring on a jacket hook and claims she intended to leave the ring at the front desk but forgot.

Boucek contacted police about the missing ring. Detectives interviewed employees at the tanning business, but no one contacted Land because she had moved.

When Land returned to the tanning bed on June 7, she claims saw a sign with a picture of the ring offering a $3,000 reward. Land and her roommate contacted Boucek about meeting at a jewelery store. When they arrived, police were already on the scene.

In the lawsuit, Land claims an apartment complex manager denied her rental application because of the charges.

“I’m not a thief; the worst thing I think I’ve ever done is speeding,” she said. “But this called my whole character into question.”

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