The holiday hangover

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PIEDMONT, N.C. --- Vacation is over and it's back to reality. 

The holiday hustle is in the past. 

The Christmas decorations are coming down and folks will be heading back to work. 

Wednesday January 2 will feel more like a Monday. 

Families like the Dixon's are in detox mode from the holidays. 

Mom and dad spent the last three days at the beach while their 8-year-old daughter Caitlyn was with grandma for the last week of Christmas break. 

"I love being on vacation buts it's always nice to be home," explains April Dixon, mom and teacher. 

Dixon is a kindergarten teacher at Oak Ridge Elementary in Greensboro. 

Wednesday is a teacher workday, getting back in the classroom is bittersweet to Dixon, "I'm kind of excited about my 20 students coming back to kindergarten," she says.

Guilford County students will go back to school January 3. 

Forsyth County students will go back to school January 2.

The holiday hangover is more of a jolt at one of Battleground's newest shops, Geeksboro.  Geeksboro is a coffeehouse cinema. 

There is a coffee shop upstairs and a 50 seat movie theater downstairs that shows independent films. 

Joe Scott opened Geeksboro in November. 

"It's been better than what I thought. I knew it was going to hard and it has been hard," says Joe Scott, owner of Geeksboro.

Scott has been working on the concept for more than a year. 

He graduated from UNCG so he feels like he knows Greensboro. 

"I've always thought Greensboro was a geeky town. If you go online, Greensboro has a lot of bloggers," explains Scott. 

Geeksboro is open seven days a week and has at least four showings a day. 

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