New grease-theft law now in effect

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WINSTON-SALEM, NC --- A law with stricter punishments for used cooking oil thieves and more requirements for oil collectors went in to effect in North Carolina Tuesday.

The law makes grease-theft a misdemeanor.

The theft is a felony if the value of the grease or the value of the grease plus the container in which Ira located totals more than $1,000.

The law also requires that yellow oil collecters be licensed and inspected if the collecters plan to resell that grease.

Used cooking oil can be converted into biodiesel, which can run some vehicles as a cheaper alternative to gasoline.

According to the USDA, used cooking oil sells for about $0.35 per pound.

A typical restaurant uses about 5 gallons of grease per day and accumulates massive amounts of used oil every month.

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