Neil Armstrong allegedly lied about origin of ‘one small step for man’

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Credit: NASA

A new documentary has cast doubt on Neil Armstrong’s claim that he came up with his iconic “one small step” line only hours after touching down on the moon.

Up until his death in September, Armstrong maintained his historic words were unplanned. However, in a recent interview, his brother claims Armstrong thought up the famous speech months before the moon landing.

Armstrong’s brother also addressed an often debated missing “a” in the speech.

In the audio, Armstrong can be heard saying:

“One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.”

However, Armstrong insisted that he said “a man” but that the “a” was not heard because of static.

In a rare interview three months after Armstrong’s death, his brother, Dean, recalled Neil showing him a written version of the speech months before the words were broadcast across the globe.

Dean said the written version included “a man” in the speech.

The interview was part of a new documentary on BBC.

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