Wind and rain make for a messy drive in the Triad

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PIEDMONT, N.C. --- Wind and rain made for a messy drive for those heading back to work or people trying to make it home from their Christmas celebrations.

The weather kept North Carolina Department of Transportation crews busy.

"Today has been pretty hectic from the beginning," explains Randall Ellington, Traffic Management Operator.

Accidents popped up all day, all over the Piedmont.

Most of the reported crashes were minor.

Many were caused from cars hydroplaning.

Fox8 stopped some drivers who said their commutes weren't an easy ride.

"From Lynchburg, Virginia on my way to Winston-Salem right now. The weather is real bad. I'd stay in if I didn't have to be out," says Michael Bullis, a truck driver.

The NC Department of Transportation did put warnings on overhead signs of standing water and debris in roads.

"It's more rain than anything else, accumulation of water coming down faster than they can go off the roads," explains Roger Payne, a Greensboro driver.

Crews at the Department of Transportation have cameras watching over about seven counties.

They are able to see exactly where an accident is so they can send out help.

Even if there aren't any accidents, crews are still out patrolling interstates and highways.

The weather also caused some headaches at for some owners.

The wind snapped a tree in Henry Thomas's front yard in Randleman.

"I heard a loud noise but I didn't get up to check it out, so I see now what I thought it was," says Henry Thomas, a Randleman homeowner.

Thomas was thankful the tree fell in the driveway not towards his home.

The message from drivers and authorities is just to slow down.

"Just take your time where you are going and give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination," explains Ellington.