Stokes County Board of Education asks for money for more officers

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DANBURY, NC --- Stokes County Board of Education Chairman Mike Rogers asked County Commissioners for up to $350,000 Wednesday for more school resource officers in the county.

Rogers proposed the idea to put officers from the Stokes County Sheriff's Office in each of the county's middle and high school as a temporary measure to make kids feel safer at school.

$350,000 is what Stokes County Sheriff Mike Marshall estimated it would cost to put SROs in each school until the end of the year in late May.

Rogers asked for "up to" that much because he's hopeful Sheriff Marshall could figure out a more efficient plan to protect kids, whcih would not require extra officers on a daily basis.

The Stokes County Commissioners took no action.

The Board of Education made its decision to ask for the money and the officers on Thursday, Commissioners' Chairman Ernest Lankford said.

The Board's agenda goes out on Wednesdays.

The issue will be discussed again at the next Board of Education meeting in January, and it will likely be on the agenda at the next County Commissioners meeting, also in January.

"We're not sure exactly what our best options are. We're just trying to get a law enforcement presence in our schools as a deterrent until we can figure out what the best option is," Rogers said.