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Soggy weather leads to delays at PTI

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- With a huge winter storm system racing across the nation, airports in areas affected by snow and ice are experiencing delays.

Those delays ultimately trickle down to connecting airports including Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro.

So far today, three arrivals and four departing flights have been cancelled to airports in Dallas, Detroit and Phillidelphia.

Many more delays are affecting flights to Washington D.C., New York, Chicago and others under the grip of the winter weather.

While the planes sat waiting at the gates of Piedmont Triad International Airport, people did the same.

Whether waiting to leave or waiting for someone arriving, each person at PTI was dependent on a destination listed on the bigscreen and any holdups along the way.

Even with the cancellations and of delays most people were happy for a few extra minutes with family.

"So we'll get home a little later than we planned," said one man who was heading home to Chicago with his two sons.

"We feel lucky we are glad to be going home, could be a lot worse. We got missed (in Chicago), it was way south of us, my sister in Indianapolis got slammed."

Every story, regardless of destination is the same, hurry up and wait.

"I really don't like waiting for stuff," said Lindsey Reed, who isn't going anywhere but is waiting at the airport with her sister who is headed to England.

"I wanted to go with her but she wouldn't let me go."

For now even her sister's not going anywhere: the connecting flight to Newark is delayed.

Most flights on Wednesday were right on time, headed to an area not affected by the storm.

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