Reidsville family stays in hotel after fire destroys home

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REIDSVILLE, N.C. – A Piedmont family is spending the holidays in a hotel after a fire destroyed their home Friday night in Reidsville.

Judy Wilson said she was coming home when she heard about the blaze.

"I pulled over and asked two men who looked like they were volunteer firemen and I said is it 320 Lindsey Street?  They said, ‘What's your name?’ and when I told them they said ‘It’s your house,’" explains Judy Wilson, the homeowner who lost her home.

Wilson’s son and grandson were home and both made it out safely.

“If this fire had happened in the morning any time after 10 or 12 we would not be here to talk about it,” explains Wilson.

Wilson said she lived in the home for all 72 years of her life. The fire destroyed a lot of memories. 

"My daughter died,” she said. “She would’ve been dead 2 years January the 19, and I had a lot of her things."

Michelle Patterson delivers mail to the family and is working with the community to help them out.

"Just knowing what that family had gone through this close to Christmas was just really devastating for them and it was hard for us to see that,” Patterson said.

Wilson says this tragedy has helped put the meaning of Christmas into perspective. 

“Christmas is not about the hustle and bustle. It is actually about having your family,” says Wilson.

Wilson’s four dogs escaped the fire but she said she is still missing her five cats.