Airlines cancel hundreds of flights as storm hits Northeast

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(CNN) — More than 1,000 flights were canceled Wednesday as many holiday travelers looked to return home while a powerful series of storms advanced on the Northeast.

The bad weather affected travel throughout the United States. According to the flight-tracking website FlightAware, about 1,200 flights had been called off Wednesday with more than 100 Thursday flights canceled already.

“Delta has 200 system cancellations. That includes Delta flights and Delta connection flights. And that is centered around where the storm has been and where it is moving,” spokesman Morgan Durrant said.

American Airlines canceled 150 flights, spokesman Matt Miller said.

Blustery bands of precipitation moved through the Mid-Atlantic states Wednesday afternoon, threatening to bring snowstorms and blizzards to the Northeast. Some places could expect to see more than a foot of snow, CNN Meteorologist Bonnie Schneider said.

Philadelphia International Airport had some arrival delays of almost four hours on Wednesday, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

Some flights bound for Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport were being held at the originating airport until 4:30 p.m. because of an “airline request,” the FAA said on its website.

Airports in the New York City area were reporting delays of more than one hour.

Greyhound listed almost 50 canceled bus routes on its website.

Amtrak listed only one service disruption, because of a mudslide in the Pacfic Northwest, on

Travelers are advised to check before leaving home to see if their flights are postponed or canceled.

Source: CNN