Report: Sandy Hook killer was a former student at school

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Adam Lanza's signature on Sandy Hook Elementary T-shirt.(Photo: USA TODAY)

NEWTOWN, C.T. (USA TODAY) — Adam Lanza, the gunman who killed 20 elementary school students in their classrooms had once attended the same school, USA Today reports.

Janet Robinson, superintendent of Newtown Public Schools, said Adam Lanza attended Sandy Hook elementary, although she could not remember the year.

“I know that he was a student at Sandy Hook at some point,” she said.

At least one former classmate said he attended the school in the fifth grade in the fall of 2002.

“I was in class with him in fifth grade, and he was extremely introverted,” Dan Lynch, Lanza’s fifth grade classmate  says.

“He was really skittish, always anxious and nervous.”

Lanza’s signature also appears on a Sandy Hook Elementary T-shirt made by the school and given to each student.

Relatives have denied that Lanza attended the school.

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